Wether it be wing powered, paddle powered, tow powered, battery powered, kite powered or swell powered we’re pretty obsessed with anything FOIL.  Head to our centre on Shore Road for expert coaching in every foiling discipline and let us share the obsession with you.

Kite Foil Lessons

  • 2hrs £195
  • 3hrs £295

Kite foiling is the ultimate way to increase your kite-able wind range, explore further and faster, and generally show off some skills on the water and enjoy an amazingly peaceful kiting experience as you glide silently through the water.

We offer lessons from beginner through to advanced coaching wether it be in turns & transitions, racing or getting in to the waves.  Give us a call (01202 744055) to chat through your level and what you’re looking to learn or book online

The Downwind Experience

  • 1hr £125
  • 2hrs £200

Downwind Foiling is the latest challenge and foil finess to arrive in the world of watersports.

This is a long relatively floaty board with a foil underneath being propelled by paddle power….sound tricky, well it is! Having gone through a bit of the pain and suffering we have come up with a palatable journey for downwind foiling, which once mastered is an absolutely sublime way of covering distance silently truly getting in touch with the motion of the ocean.

Lessons enable you to get up on the foil with some assistance from a ski/engine in the beginning to experience the joy whilst you work on the explosive power of paddleups.

Tow Foil

  • 1hr £125
  • 2hr £200

Tow foiling is a great way to progress your foil wave riding skills, giving you the opportunity to focus more purely on the foiling skills without having to worry about getting to where you need to be with a wing or get your ‘pop up’ right proning.  Giving you more rides/waves in the mean time.

These sessions are designed to coach the towing element, introduce you to pumping the foil and getting comfortable gliding on the foil.  Having wakeboarding experience and the skills to get up on a wakeboard/surfboard being towed behind a boat is a must.

" Great staff, great kit and great lesson!! Couldn’t ask for anything more. Highly recommend the team at Easyriders. "

Pete S