Kitesurfing Rental

Kite Package Rental

  • 1hr £30
  • 10hr card £230

Wether you’ve recently gained the skills, are looking to ‘try before you buy’ or just don’t have the space to store your own kit, we have rental packages of all variations to get you out on the water for longer.

To be eligible to rent kit you must be at a minimum standard of ‘BKSA L2 rider’ if you’re not quite there or its been a while and you need a little confidence boost before heading out solo, we can book you in for a pre-rental 1hr refresher.

Kit rental is available from both our harbourside and seafront locations depending on skill level, conditions and availability.

Kite Rental Price Options

Bespoke rentals available for individual items, give us a call to book. 01202 744055

Individual hourly prices
Kite Only £20
Bar Only £15
Twin Tip £10
Surfboard £10
Foilboard £15


" Amazing service and kit, love renting from easy riders "